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This program is very thorough and is designed to support the parent in bringing an enriched-global curriculum to the typical child. If your child has a significant special need, you may need program contents adjusted or expanded and we encourage you to first read the website section on our approach to meeting special needs, and then to make a pre-purchase appointment to see what is possible within the Enki program.

In the Grade Two, in keeping with the child’s development, our focus is on community and the ways each of us have an individual part to play in that. To this end, our materials include extensive multicultural Fairy Tales, chosen and adapted with this in mind. This is also the central theme in our math and science stories and activities. More on Grade One here.You will receive the materials in stages, when you need them, as part of our “support the one teaching” program.


Grade Two Cost:


Stage 1: Jumping In

Enki Grade Two Starting up booklet

A short but detailed step-by-step plan to get you started, sent to you in hard copy but also available as a pdf in the membership area of our website.


Content available on our membership site
  • Overview video: The Enki Approach: Developmental Immersion Mastery
  • Grade Two Starting Up Booklet (pdf)
  • Music downloads for the recommended songs included in the Start Up Booklet
  • First group guidance video

Stage 2: Full Digital Release

Two weeks after you receive the Stage 1 materials, you will get digital access to the complete and extensive collection of Enki guides and curricular materials via Redshelf; demonstration videos for teaching the arts and for teaching academics through the arts; and the song recordings, for that grade. You will also get instruction for working with the RedShelf, digital materials program so that it can give you the maximum support.

Digital Content released (via Membership Site)
  • Music download of the complete collection of Enki Grade Two Songs (67 mp3s)
  • Grade Two Road Map to Enki videos
  • Video demonstrations of movement work and finger plays
  • Video demonstration on sparking creative play
  • Video instructions on how we’ve designed our curricular materials to work with RedShelf
Enki Homeschool Teaching Guides

This book offers an in-depth look at the Enki philosophy and how that unfolds in the daily life of the homeschool. The Early Childhood section takes the underlying philosophy and applies it in detail to homeschooling second grader, specifically to the rhythms, environment, and activities of each day.

Books I & II Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
In Enki we have identified nine core threads… (pdf)
Integrating it all (pdf)
Sample Schedule (pdf)
Sample Schedule chart (pdf)
Language Arts Curriculum (pdf)
Chaos and Order—Place Value (pdf)

Enki Learning Through Movement: Seasons and Skills—Grade 2

This collection of over 100 activities, includes many ways to explore and celebrate the seasons and to build academic skills. The verses, games, and activities for introducing and practicing academic concepts, provide an active way to deepen understanding and strengthen memory. This library includes many wonderful songs, activities, and games that are suitable for both the homeschool and classroom – directions for using them in both homeschool and classroom are included.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Full Contents List (pdf)
Grade Two Movement (pdf)
October Winds (mp3)
Miller Boy (mp3)
Bells of Norwich (mp3)

Grade Two Humanities

The Second Grader is simultaneously full of curiosity and mischief, and eager to see human greatness. To meet these longings, we now offer the first 2 books of a 4 book series, with stories of 10 sages and over 100 Trickster Tales between them (5 sages & 50+ trickster tales per book). This series presents the child with a mirror of his boisterous nature, and a chance to see that very curiosity and liveliness transformed into the compassionate action of a sage. To help the child experience his unlimited potential, we have chosen sages who span time, culture, and social activity – from social/political issues, to religion, to the sciences, to the arts.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents Book I (pdf)
Malidoma Some (pdf)
Table of Contents Book II (pdf)
Harriet Tubman (pdf)


Grade Two Math

In Grade Two we continue to focus on the world of relationships so central to mathematical thinking – and to the child at this age. We begin with a new set of stories and activities designed to firm up the learning begun in Grade One. This forms a strong base for the core undertaking of Grade Two: an exploration of place value (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.). Place value underlies our entire mathematical system and – although it is second nature to adults – this is a complex concept. This collection of stories and activities brings both the review work and the study of place value to life. It includes a book of stories and hands on activities, and a CD of story-based worksheets. Together these bring the child through a rich immersion in the living nature of mathematics, on to an ease with the nuts and bolts of simple calculation.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
The Kingdom of Jewel (pdf)

Rose is even further ahead in math than my older child, Carl. While Carl was right with the Enki curriculum, and this has resulted in him now  skipping two public school math grades, Rose is farther along already. The Enki curriculum has given us a developmentally correct approach that feels wonderful. Enki has created a foundation for both kids that allows them to excel as they are now. Regarding math, your curriculum is at least a year ahead of the Boulder Valley Public School District. In Carl’s case, the knowledge also became integrated enough that he seems not to need a year of review, which is why they invited him to go ahead to 9th grade math as a 7th grader. I think this is because of the careful foundation work of Enki, and the arts-based approach. Just so you know, I brag about how great this curriculum is to people who ask!

Parent in Colorado

Enki Nature Stories

The Second Grader is ready to take up science in a more focused manner, but still within a life filled ecosystem. This collection includes many stories that have been written specifically to bring scientific phenomena to life in just this context. Whether flying with the Monarch on her pilgrimage to Mexico and back, or stretching out to meet the winter stars with Grandmother Elm, we work with everyday phenomenon to spark the child’s own powers of observation and appreciation of the interdependent world in which we live. Strengthening this “living sense” of scientific phenomena in the early years creates a strong foundation for later intellectual exploration.

To strengthen the experience of the cyclic processes of nature, we encourage teachers to choose some core seasonal stories and repeat them yearly; therefore, the Kindergarten and Grade One collections are used as part of the Grades Two curriculum.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
The Great Banquet (pdf)

Enki Seasonal Crafts

This book includes many Kindergarten Crafts and goes on to add over 35 additional crafts specifically chosen for six and seven year olds. All these use primarily natural materials to deepen the child’s appreciation and experience of nature, while refining his fine motor coordination. Knitting skill directions include a story to introduce the techniques for knitting and purling, in an imaginative manner. Simple finger and needle knitting projects are included. Grade One painting instructions and sample stories are included.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Pond Peekers (pdf)
The Gnomes and the Dragon—a knitting story (pdf)

Have questions?

Setup a free 20-minute pre-purchase consultation.

Stage 3: Ongoing Support

Throughout the school year, there is a series of six recorded group guidance videos. The first of these you will receive upon purchase of the program. The other five are released to you when they will be most beneficial to your homeschooling journey. To support both academic and calendar year households, there are two tracks, one starting in June (September for 2020), one in January.

Two weeks after the group guidance video is made available, there will be a live Q&A session to answer questions about the information presented in the guidance video. Prior to this, there will be a window to submit questions you would like answered. This live session will be recorded and made available for one month after.

Digital Content released (via Membership Site)
  • Five additional group guidance videos, released throughout the year.
  • Six live Q&A sessions recordings, available for 1-month
Live Support
  • Six live Q&A sessions timed with the release of the guidance videos.

Base Commitment:

Enki was developed because of our commitment to social justice, including seeing that all who want Enki, are able to have it. To that end, we operate on a sliding scale basis, starting at the top market tuition and offering needs-based reductions from there. 

As well, Enki is committed to contributing to the cause of human and environmental justice. Historically we have donated a portion of profits to diverse nonprofits committed to these causes. However, at this time we are joining efforts to dismantle systemic racism and so, we will donate 15% of the profits from each program sold to Color of Change and to Indigenous American Justice groups.

Return policy

You have a grace period to decide if Enki is a good fit for your family. If you let us know that you wish to return the Enki program within 30 days from purchase you are refunded the subscription fee minus a $125 administrative and intro materials fee. You may keep the Starting Up Booklet and small selection of audio files—feel free to share or pass along.

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