Grade 2 Pioneers

Welcome Grade 2 Pioneers!

This page includes downloads, links, and any other pertinent information for Grade 2 Pioneers. If there is information Beth has emailed that you’d like to have added to this page for easy finding, let Natasha know. 

Video Collections

All the video collections are below. Use the following links to jump to the collection you would like to view.

The Enki Approach
Enki Road Map
Grade One Instruction
Grade One Movement
Grade Two Circle
Multicultural Songs & Dance

Call Schedule

  1. Sages and Tricksters: Completed
  2. Math: Completed
  3. November 15, 2020 (focus: language arts skills, math practice, and science)
  4. January 10, 2021 (focus: Place Value)
  5. March 21, 2021 (focus: Reawakening Place Value and beginning strategic thinking)
  6. May 23, 2021 (focus: Grade 3 Readiness and Theme Studies structure)

Printable Downloads

Grade 2 Cuisenaire Rod Workbook pdf (22 MB)
Grade 2 Language Arts Worksheets pdf (27 MB)
Grade 2 Math Worksheets pdf (22 MB)

Game Board Templates – Each of these goes with a story found in the manual and will make no sense until after that story has been heard and worked with.

Ghost Board zip (132 MB)
i_e Board zip (126 MB)
Scramble Board zip (130 MB)
Story Sparking Board zip (27 MB)

These printable files are templates to game boards. These are provided for the sole purpose of easing the parent/teacher’s load. If you are inspired to make them from scratch, that is wonderful, but becoming exhausted by making games and manipulatives serves no one, hence these are provided – use as few or as many as will support you.

These are set up to be printed individually. Further directions are found in the READ ME file within the download.


The Enki Approach

Enki Road Map

Grade One Instruction

(including Grade One and Two songs for circle, transitions and recorder lessons)

Grade One Movement

Below are videos for movement activities used in both Grade One and Two. The children demonstrations are a Grade One class. They are are in separate segments for you to get instruction on a specific area instead of attempting to take it all in together.

Grade Two Circle

Multicultural Songs & Dances