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Enki Education supports parents and families in a number of ways. Our current offerings include:

Enki Virtual Community School

Enki Virtual Community School is an online school for grades 6, 7& 8/9. Peer relationships and learning are necessary components at this stage in a child’s journey. Using Enki methods, a class of 8–14 students is led by a senior Enki teacher in an online, community format. Find out more here.


Enki Education founder and parenting consultant/educator Beth Sutton provides phone consultation support for parents. Discussions can cover a wide range, from the curriculum specific, to homelife in general, to child development, to family, to the path of the parent, to the personal. Find out more here.

Enki Teacher Training Program

Our goal is to help each participant meet new parts of himself, bring his or her own wisdom and confusion to light and discover a way to work with children that expresses his or her personal vision and passion for life. 

We pulled our classroom and homeschooling materials from market in order to reformat in a way that serves the modern family. Starting with the school year 2021/22, we will be releasing Kindergarten through second grade, adding one grade level per year after that.