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For decades our secular and culturally diverse program has been tested and adapted to meet the needs of independent homeschoolers and classroom teachers.

As an adult now, what I remember most from my time as an Enki student was how exciting it was to learn. It was like a discovery every day, and that excitement was instilled so deeply in me that I attribute my insatiable curiosity to that experience.

I also attribute my compassion in no small part to Enki, because being exposed to new perspectives and ideas in a holistic fashion allows you to learn about them with empathy. The power of the Enki philosophy is not just in its curriculum but in its ability to change how students learn.

Student New Hampshire, 1999

The Enki approach, known as Developmental Immersion-Mastery, was designed to serve  our fundamental premise: the integration of body, heart, and mind is key to cultivating educational excellence, confidence, and competence.

To this end, academics are brought to the children using the three-fold process outlined below, which can be worked with in many different settings and formats.

Story: Children are first introduced to concepts through carefully-crafted and culturally-diverse stories that engage children in a way they love.

Artistic Engagement:  after a night’s sleep, the children engage with the concept through visual arts,  games,  crafts, adventures, and play – all are part of exploring the concepts of the story.

Full Mastery: this broad and rich experience is brought to mastery  through guided exploration, discussion, bringing the children to their own “aha!” moment.  On that base, all learning is applied and practiced, bringing it to an age-appropriate, mastery level.

In this way, we nurture the whole child, weaving together a coherent program that works with things the children love, in a way that parents and classroom teachers can actually offer and guide. The resulting strong and broad foundation enables the students to meet the world head-on, in a compassionate, flexible, and creative manner.

…this approach integrates academics in a way  we have never known. Music became mathematics. Mathematics became art.  Spelling became literature. Sciences became creative writing. All disciplines became one, and our daughter was filled with excitement day in and day out.

Enki Parent of a 5th grader, New Hampshire, 2000

Overview of the Enki Program Model

To offer you this thorough,  deep and culturally-diverse program in a sustainable manner, we work with a subscription, or tuition, model. Below is a description of  how the subscription program works; for more details click here

  • You will receive access for a full year, to all Foundation and Grade Level Teaching Guides, and to the many Curriculum Libraries containing everything you need to teach a specific grade in all subject areas.

    Based on feedback from homeschoolers and class teachers, we have structured the release of materials in stages. In this way, we are able to offer extensive materials from which you can choose just what will fit your child(ren). As well, you receive in-depth guidance to support the adult, in three forms: written, recorded, and live-online, all coming to you in a digestible and supportive manner.

  • Specifically, you will receive:
  • codes to access digital copies of the four or five guides for your grade level, and depending on the package, four or five extensive Curriculum Libraries with materials covering all subject areas;
  • a downloadable/printable copy of your Start Up Guide with the first several weeks lessons detailed to help you get started;
  • a downloadable/printable copy of  the Teacher’s Workbook with guidance on tailoring the program to best serve your class or family;
  • access to a membership area of our website that has all the audio and video demonstrations of the teaching methods to support you as you learn the new material.
  • for the Grades, worksheet downloads and game templates for academic skills are included to simplify your preparation;
  • access to the Membership page where, over the course of the year, you are given links to a series of six prerecorded group guidance videos;
  • an invitation to SIX, bi-monthly, LIVE-online, group Q and A calls to discuss your specific questions with a senior Enki teacher – recordings of these will be available on site afterwards for 2 weeks.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • We do a lot of work through reading stories, doing art work, special adventures, and playing games;
  • As a result of the above, in both the homeschool and the classroom, direct instruction time needed is far less than in traditional approaches and there is much time for individual pursuits, downtime, and play;
  • Therefore, Enki can be used in many settings and with many teaching formats;
  • Programs include detailed guidance for leading the children’s learning in all areas;
  • All teaching materials for all subject areas are included; however, some individual art,  math manipulatives, and other hands-on supplies will need to be purchased from separate vendors. A list of supplies needed is included in each grade specific guide.

Program Release to begin on June 15th, 2024


Foundation Guide

Early Childhood

Grades 1-5