Foundation Guides Sets

Enki Foundation Guides Set

Program Release to begin on June 15, 2023

The Foundation Guides Set consists of  the only Enki books that are sold outside a program and with a lifetime subscription; that is how important they are. These books hold the underlying understanding that makes Enki, Enki. They are relevant to many areas of learning and living. And they raise relevant issues and questions for all types of education, whether or not one chooses to also work through the Enki materials.

For the first many years of working with Enki to homeschool my two – very different – children, I read all three of  the Foundation Guides, cover to cover, every summer. Each time, I took in something new – and important. Each time I understood a little more deeply what I had already taken in. And as I began to help lead Enki forward, I experienced again and again the value and impact of all I had read, pondered and applied.

Now, with both my children off in college, I am back to working full time teaching nurses and nurse practitioners.  To my surprise and joy I experienced how relevant the principles described in the Foundation Guides are.  They continue to guide me in all my relationships and undertakings and in how I navigate the world. 

Whatever the situation, the guides help me find my way to my own wisdom.

Amy in Colorado

Enki Parent 2004 to 2022, Became Associate Director of Enki in 2013

Guides Detailed

Enki Foundation Guides Book I

In this book the underlying worldview and outlook that lie at the core of Enki Education are explored. The overview offered here provides the foundation for all that will come throughout Enki, including descriptions of how this manifests in the day to day experience of the children.


Book I Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Form and Freedom - two parts of a whole (pdf)

Enki Foundation Guides Books II and III

In this book we delve into the underlying worldview and outlook that were introduced in Book I.  Each topic is taken up at deeper and deeper levels so that readers can explore at whatever level serves their needs. The deepening understanding offered here gives the teachers – whether at home or in the classroom – a keel to steady their course and keep focused on serving the child(ren)’s wellbeing as they adapt plans and materials to best meet their unique situation.

Books II & III Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Mirroring Child Development (pdf)
Neuro-sensory Integration (pdf)

Enki Teacher’s Workbook

This is a short, printable pdf for you to work with to find how best to apply the insights and materials Enki offers to serve YOUR unique situation. Because Enki works deeply with the patterns natural to living and learning, it can - and must be - be applied different ways in different situations. In this booklet, we guide you through the process of adapting the materials methods so that you have a program that will serve your world and yet still draws on the wisdom of and coherence of Enki.

Developmental Immersion-Mastery: the Enki Approach

is a video tour of the Enki program at work in homeschools and classrooms. You will hear about the underlying outlook from Beth Sutton, Developer and Director of Enki Education, and about the Enki experience from parents, teachers, and the students themselves.

Program Release to begin on June 15th, 2023

Early Childhood

Grades 1-5

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