Grade One Program

Grade One Program Release to Begin April 2024

The Enki Program for Grades One to Three are in the pipeline for distribution and we plan to release one grade level at a time each year, over the next three years. These will run on the Enki Program Subscription Model.

Since the Grades One, Two, and Three Programs are currently complete and going through the shift to our new digital subscription model, we can share the specifics with you and provide a chance to look into the future! Have a look below.

Each program is very thorough and is designed to support the teacher, whether at home or in the classroom,  in bringing an enriched, arts-integrated, global studies curriculum to a wide range of children.

If your child has a significant special need, you may need program contents adjusted or expanded. We have had many children with significant challenges thrive in Enki and we encourage you to read the website section on our approach to meeting special needs, and if it seems like a good fit,  to make a pre-purchase appointment to see what is possible within the Enki program.

First Grade Materials

In the First Grade, in keeping with the child’s development, our focus is on community and the ways each of us have an individual part to play in that. To this end, our materials include an extensive collection of global Fairy Tales, chosen and adapted for the first grader. The individual within the community is also the central theme in our math and science stories and activities. More on Grade One here

Foundation Guides Books I

In this book the underlying worldview and outlook that lies at the core of Enki are explored. The overview offered here lays the foundation for all that will come throughout Enki and we offer descriptions of how this manifests in the day to day experience of the children..

Book I Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Form and Freedom (pdf)

Available on our membership site:
Video: The Enki Approach: Developmental Immersion Mastery
Video: Enki RedShelf digital book guidance

Foundation Guides Books II & III

In this book we delve into the underlying worldview and outlook that were introduced in Book I.  Each topic is taken up at deeper and deeper levels so that readers can explore at whatever level serves their needs. The deepening understanding offered here gives the teachers – whether at home or in the classroom – a keel to steady their course and keep focused on serving the child(ren)’s wellbeing as they adapt plans and materials to best meet their unique situation.

Books II & III Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Child Development: an overview (pdf)
Neuro-sensory Integration (pdf)

Teacher’s Workbook

This is a short, printable pdf for you to work with to find how best to apply the insights and materials Enki offers to serve YOUR unique situation. Because Enki works deeply with the patterns natural to living and learning, the principles explored can - and must be - be applied different ways in different situations. In this booklet, we guide you through the process of adapting the materials methods so that you have a program that will serve your world and yet still draws on the wisdom and coherence of Enki.


Grade One Teaching Guides

This book offers an in-depth look at how the Enki philosophy unfolds in the daily life of the first grader. This covers the rhythms, environment, and activities of each day, and an overview of each subject area.

Available on our membership site:
Video: Road Map to Enki Kindergarten – Grade 1

Grade One Starting Up Booklet

A short but detailed step-by-step plan to get you started, sent as a printable pdf.

Available on our membership site:
Music:  audio of the recommended songs included in the Start Up Booklet Movements
Movement: video demonstrations of the recommended activities included in the Start Up Booklet

Grade One Learning through Movement Seasons and Skills

This collection of over 100 movement activities, which include both sheet music and movement instructions, is designed to support both adult and child as they explore nourishing, meaningful, and fun activity. It includes many ways to experience and celebrate the seasons, deepening understanding of the world around them. All of this happens in the context of nourishing and integrating the senses so the child’s neuro-sensory integration can support his overall learning and wellbeing.

Available on our membership site:
Music: downloads for all songs included in Movement Book
Movements: video demonstrations of key movements used in all activities in this Movement Book

Grade One Humanities: Fairy Tales

The First Grader is hungry to know that she can venture out into the world, face its challenges, and both discover and fulfill her potential – returning home in her fullness, as “Sovereign.” The collection begins with an overview of the Enki understanding of Fairy Tales, an understanding focused on accessing our inherent value, and our shared human journey. From there our over 70 Fairy Tales from around the world takes the child on this universal human quest. This book includes a section detailing the “how to” for use of Fairy Tales to teach phonics. Each story comes with a sample drawing and “consonant verse” to help introduce a poetic sense to phonic skills.

Grade One Arts: Language Arts Skills, Music, Visual Arts, Sculptural Arts

The book focuses on our arts-based method for bringing the skills needed for reading and writing,  the visual and sculptural arts, and music – including recorder playing.  All teaching begins with story so both stories and instructions for teaching each area are included.

Available on our membership site:
printable language arts early reader coloring books (pdf)

worksheets for handwriting practice activities (pdf)
Video: including demonstrations of storytelling, reawakening story, phonics through movement and teaching poetry
Video: including demonstrations for teaching painting, drawing, and recorder.

Grade One Mathematics

At its core, mathematical thinking lies in seeing the myriad patterns in the world around us and how these interrelate. In keeping with the young child’s natural interest in relationships and patterns, this collection of stories and activities brings basic mathematical concepts to life. In Grade One our focus is on the nature of number, comparison (greater/ less, odd/even, and so on), and the four computational processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). This book includes stories and hands on activities, and a printable pdfs of story-based worksheets. Together these bring the child through a rich immersion in the living nature of mathematics, on to an ease with the nuts and bolts of simple calculation.

Available on our membership site:
printable worksheets for practice of all Mathematical skills introduced (pdf)
printable handwriting sheets for practice of all digits

Grade One Science (including Nature Stories and Crafts)

In keeping with the lively way young children perceive nature, the Enki Nature Stories collection includes many stories that have been written specifically to bring scientific phenomena to life. Whether telling of the water cycle as Old Mother Raincloud sends her children forth as rain and calls them home as mist, or of the Crystal Queen who changes the seasons and leaves her icicle-treasures behind, we work with everyday phenomenon to spark the child’s own powers of both observation and appreciation.

Strengthening this “living sense” of scientific phenomena in the early years, creates a strong foundation for later intellectual exploration. In this way, from the earliest years the scientific processes, facts and formulae, are experienced within the living ecosystem of which they are a part. To strengthen the experience of the cyclic processes of nature, we encourage teachers to chose some core seasonal stories and repeat them yearly; therefore, selections from our Kindergarten collection are included in Grades One and Two collections.

This set of Nature Stories is paired with a collection of Seasonal Crafts including over 60 craft projects that use primarily natural materials to deepen the child’s appreciation and direct engagement with nature. Alongside this most important learning, the child is refining his fine motor coordination and the brain development that goes with it.

Handwork skill directions include stories to introduce the techniques for both finger and needle knitting in an imaginative manner. Simple knitting projects are included.

Available on our membership site:
Video: demonstrations of teaching knitting

Developmental Immersion-Mastery: the Enki Approach

is a video tour of the Enki program at work in homeschools and classrooms. You will hear about the underlying outlook from Beth Sutton, Developer and Director of Enki Education, and about the Enki experience from parents, teachers, and the students themselves.

Cover of Enki Kindergarten Story Book

Enki Audio-Visual Support includes:

  • Road Map to Enki (a more detailed look at working with Enki, with demonstrations of approaches to storytelling and art work)
  • 30 minutes of demonstration videos, showing the basic movements, their terminology, and samples of children doing the activities
  • Audio for 67 songs to help ease the teacher’s preparation.  
Cover of Enki Kindergarten Story Book

Enki Guidance Calls

This is a chance to meet with a senior faculty member and others working with Enki to explore the philosophy and pedagogy and, most importantly to receive and give support for the lively process of adapting Enki methods to meet your child(ren) and the realities of your life. Included are:

  • 4 LIVE Q and A calls over the course of the year. These are for you to discuss you particular questions and challenges with others working with Enki and with a senior faculty member, and for you to share your insights and creativity with others. Details on Membership page.

If your child has a need that is not readily met by the program and materials, you may need program contents adjusted or expanded. If so, we encourage you to begin by  reading the website section on our approach to meeting special needs and then, if that view is in alignment with your outlook,  please make an appointment to see what is possible within the Enki program.

Grade One Program Release to Begin April 2024


Foundation Guide

Early Childhood

Grades 1-5

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Base Commitment:

Enki was developed because of our commitment to social justice, including seeing that all who want Enki, are able to have it. To that end, we operate on a sliding scale basis, starting at the top market tuition and offering needs-based reductions from there.

As well, Enki is committed to contributing to the cause of human and environmental justice. Historically we have donated a portion of profits to diverse nonprofits committed to these causes. However, at this time we are joining efforts to dismantle systemic racism and so, we will donate a total of $50 from each subscription sold to a combination of Color of Change and Indigenous American Justice groups.

Return policy

You have a grace period to decide if Enki is a good fit for your family. If you let us know that you wish to return the Enki program within 30 days from purchase you are refunded the subscription fee minus a $125 administrative and intro materials fee. You may keep the Starting Up Booklet and small selection of audio files—feel free to share or pass along.

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