Grades One to Five Programs

Coming soon!

The Enki Programs for Grades One to Five are in the pipeline for distribution and we plan to release one grade level at a time each year, over the next five years. 

The Grades One to Three Programs are currently going through the shift to our new digital subscription model, and Grades Four and Five are in the final development stage. We will post all updates and sneak peeks here as things move along. 

1st Grade Program

2nd Grade Program

3rd Grade Program

4th and 5th Grade Programs

Samples will be posted as books reach their final editing.

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Grades 6 to 8/9 in our Virtual Community School are in full swing and currently enrolling for next school year. Spaces in each class are limited to 14 students; all continuing classes are close to full now. No time to waste! Read more about the program and see the students’ amazing work here.  Virtual School

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