How Our Elementary Program Works

In order to best support families while maintaining viability, Enki is now being offered in a “digital, subscription program model,” hosted by RedShelf Digital Textbooks. This annual subscription based, digital model allows us to provide far more than we otherwise could. This includes extensive written teaching guidance and curricular materials, audio and video teaching demonstrations, and both recorded and live-online guidance calls with senior Enki faculty.

This Comprehensive Program Includes One Year Access To:

  • In depth written guidance on child development (social-emotional, cognitive, neurosensory, and physical/kinesthetic), child rearing, and teaching
  • All the materials needed to teach all areas for one year (exclusive of your individual child’s art materials). Materials cover Humanities, Language Arts, Math, Science, Movement, Visual and HandCrafts, Music. This includes printable worksheets for your child
  • An online member area of our website which provides access to audio versions of songs, and video demonstrations of movement work, painting instructions, teaching recorder, and so on
  • Both overview and detailed guidance videos: Developmental Immersion-Mastery: the Enki approach, and Road Map to Enki (specific for each grade)
  • Six recorded group guidance videos spread throughout the year
  • Six LIVE-online, follow up group Q&A sessions with senior Enki faculty. These focus on addressing your unique questions and issues, and offer assistance as you work to adapt the Enki program to serve your specific situation. Recordings of these calls wil be available for 2 weeks afterward. 

The Surprise Benefits of a Subscription Model

The program runs on a subscription model, much like a CSA, but in this case a CSE (Community Supported Education). Each year you pay the subscription fee, or tuition, and you receive access to the digital library of written, audio and video materials for that grade, and 6 recorded group guidance videos, and 6 LIVE-online Q&A sessions throughout the year.

The digital subscription format of this program offers some exceptional features that are especially supportive to both parent and teacher preparation, and to adapting the materials to best serve your family:

  • Flexibility within an annual subscription, we can adjust programs to meet your child(ren). For example, if your child is needing extra time in one subject area, but less in another, after a consultation (LINK NEEDED) with our faculty to figure out just what is needed, we can, to the best of our ability, adjust the materials in your program for that year – this is especially helpful for those with birthdays late in the year and with non-typical learners.
  • Economy of work –  the fact that you can put the materials on your computer or phone for the duration of the subscription and use this OFFLINE, combined with the RedShelf  “text to speech” feature, means you can listen to stories and songs, as well as guidance and philosophy, while folding laundry, weeding the garden,  or driving children to soccer games and gymnastics, and so on.
  • Portability of materials so that the family can take materials wherever they go all in a tablet (as opposed to lugging thousands of pages in multiple books);
  • Coordination of materials across subject areas. The search feature allows you to coordinate across activity/academic lines (so if you have a nest of hatching bluejays at your home, you can find stories, songs, poems, science activities, and crafts  related to bluejays very easily).
  • Accessing specifics: You can bookmark anything, and/or make a study guide to move quickly and easily through the work you have chosen to use, or to cross reference the “what, why, and how” of specific undertakings.

Supportive Release:

Enki provides an expansive set of materials. Over the years, we have worked with parents and teachers to uncover the most supportive way to bring these to you, without creating overwhelm. The digital system allows us release in steps that, by their nature, guide you smoothly into the work:

  • Step One includes digital and video materials, and a guidance call, all bringing you the lay of the land in the world of Enki.
  • Step Two includes digital, printable pdf of the Starting Up booklet and the Teacher’s workbook,  audio, and video materials to go with those, and additional calls to bring you more fully into the philosophy and pedagogy, and to get you started with a step-by-step entry into bringing Enki to your child(ren).
  • Step Three includes all digital books for teaching all subject areas, all audio and video support, and links for the remaining calls.

The Programs Currently Available Are:

  • The Enki Foundation Guides Books I, II, and III as a lifetime subscription.
  • The Enki Early Childhood Set, including Foundation Guides Books I, II, and III; and Early Childhood Teaching Guides all as a lifetime subscription.
  • Kindergarten Program (Foundation and Early Childhood Guides included).
  • We plan to release an additional elementary grade each year to complete the Kindergarten through Grade Eight set. (LINK to elem 1 to 5)
  • Virtual Community Jr High Grades 6 to 8/9 – currently offered as a live online program only.


Subscription Fees and Opportunities

Each Program subscription fee covers one child, for one year. Additional children working with the same grade incur a $100 additional yearly fee. Additional children in other grades incur the full program fee for that grade. School groups with over 10 children work on a different model; contact the office for information on this option.

Foundation Guides Set: $125/year

Early Childhood Guides Set: $200/year

Kindergarten Program: $600/year

Grades 1 to 5 Programs: $750/year (release begins March 2024)

Enki Family Support: Enki was developed because of our commitment to social justice, including seeing that all who want Enki, are able to have it. To that end, we operate on a sliding scale basis, starting at the top market tuition and offering needs-based reductions from there; click here for information and application.

Participating in the Larger Community: As well, Enki is committed to contributing to the cause of human and environmental justice. Historically we have donated a portion of profits to diverse nonprofits committed to these causes. However, at this time we are joining efforts to dismantle systemic racism, so we will donate a total of $25 from each subscription sold to a combination of Color of Change and Indigenous American Justice groups.

Program Release to begin on June 15, 2023

Early Childhood

Grades 1-5

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Return policy

For grade level packages you have a grace period to decide if Enki is a good fit for your family. If you let us know that you wish to cancel your subscription to the Enki program within 30 days from purchase you are refunded the subscription fee minus a $125 administrative and intro materials fee. You may keep the downloads and we hope they will prove supportive.

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