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In order to support children and their families, we offer individual and small group telephone consultations, discussion groups, Conferences and Workshops. As the conferences and workshops get scheduled, they will be listed here.

We also offer a full Teacher Training Program for those wishing in-depth training in the Enki approach.

Telephone Consultations

Consultation Packages for anyone wishing support on their parenting or teaching journey.

Discussions can cover a wide range, from the curriculum specific, to homelife in general, to child development, to family, to the path of the the parent, to the personal. At this time in history when most of us parent and teach with little community behind us, having support can make a lot of difference. Our article, “…and when there is no village?” discusses this and other work offered to support parents in this truly awesome undertaking.

Consultation Packages are available as needed and can be used over an unlimited time period. Phone times must be prearranged. Some communication can be done through email. All packages must be prepaid.

Recommended package: Based on our experience working with these materials, we feel that 3 or 4 hour packages are the most helpful and practical, and therefore we offer a discount for them. Purchasing more  hours allows you to discuss the initial issues, go back and work with them, discuss results, go back and refine, and discuss conclusions. Different people and different situations will require more and less time on any given issue or process. The package can be used in half hour units, with up to 1 1/2 hours in any one go.  3 hour package: $375; and 6 hour package: $700.

Other options: We also offer individual hour sessions. Since these require more bookkeeping and we find them less useful, the costs are higher. They are only available in full hour blocks. 1 hour package: $150

Interested in Phone Consultations?

 Phone consultation reviews:

For conscientious and dedicated parents everywhere, who are seeking a holistically integrated life journey for themselves and their children, I highly recommend Beth Sutton’s consulting services.

Beth is gifted with exceptional listening skills, endless depths of wisdom, love and compassion, and has profound insight into human nature and the universal truths that connect us all.

She draws from extensive professional and personal life experience and has unparalleled understanding and knowledge of health and healing, personal development and well being, motherhood, family life, child development, and education, making her poised to advise on any challenge one might face as a parent.

Through Enki Education and ongoing, private consultations with Beth we have been able to awaken, strengthen and affirm our innate capacities to parent our children, trusting and using our own intuition as the leading navigational compass. With Beth’s guidance we are better able to evaluate options in a contemporary sea of information and offerings, and to continue to make decisions and choices from a core of values that we define as most important and life sustaining for our family. Beth’s assistance always provides us with perspective, focus and calm, as we face our sometimes overwhelming parenting roles. Her sense of humor and lightness of being reminds us not to get lost in the issues at hand, her deep grounding keeps us focused on achieving realistic balance within our given life parameters, and her gentle and kind persistence guides us back to activities that nourish the life force within ourselves, so that our children in turn can source from us.

To work with Beth is to give yourself, your spouse and your children a gift for life, and she provides the support we all deserve and need as we meet the demands of our very important jobs as parents, raising our children and caring deeply about their future and the future of mankind.

Grete from California


I needed help with sorting through the myriad of behavioral and learning problems after seeking out many other consultants and practitioners. Being desperate to help our special needs daughter and rarely relying on my instincts, I requested a consultation with Beth. From the beginning, Beth has given meaning and direction to what had seemed bewildering and overwhelming. It does not seem like she is on the other end of the phone; it seems as if she is right in our home without all the heaviness of the subjective thoughts. She listens, then she listens, and she might listen again. And then she asks questions from such a grounded, experienced place.

Then comes the all important time of listening to her. When she speaks it is as if listening to the secrets of the ocean with the wisdom that the tides bring to the shore. She brings forth not a clinician’s answer but a deep sense of what is going on in the child. At this time, it is as if a new birth has taken place for me – what was just too much to weed through, vanished; what arises is a calm sense of knowing what to do.

From these consultations, I have new eyes to see our child in ways that support and help her. It happens every time. Every time – and I have been consulting with Beth for four years. Just like the tide rolling in, a sacred understanding that is constant like the tide happens every time.

Stacy in Austin, TX


Thank you so much for our talk today. It is very rare that I even breath word that my son was ever sick and even more rare that I tell the entire story. I have never explained his illness to someone through his eyes. To be really honest, the experience was so painful for me that I have never thought that his view of the events might have been okay. In fact I have tried very hard to not talk about his illness at all because it has been so painful to recall. But now I feel different……Thank you, I feel talking with you about that event has lifted some weight off my heart and given me the power to see his experience as his own without my clouded painful memories. I didn’t think we would be working on maternal healing today, but somehow we did. Thank you……

Lisa in Southern California


Along the path of parenting, one experiences certain defining moments that help us to reflect clearly on our current lives, chart a new course, or simply stand back and celebrate the fruits of our labor. Our phone consultation with Beth Sutton, has proven to be one of those great defining moments. Beth’s experience, knowledge, wisdom, clarity of thought and vision, compassion and non-judgment are rare and precious gifts that she generously shares. Our consultation revitalized us and instilled in us great optimism and renewed vision. The suggestions she gave us for improving our family’s well-being have propelled us into a very nurturing rhythm. Beth Sutton is a beacon of hope and calm in today’s world of parenting and teaching. We wish all parents the opportunity to consult with her.

Parents in California


Interested in Phone Consultations?