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New Comprehensive Program, Grades 6 – 8/9

Our program is eligible for Department of Education Homeschool Credit*

Live instruction from a professional teacher, peer interaction, and flexibility:

Enki Virtual Community School is the perfect fit for families seeking or needing a homeschool option for their middle schooler that is proven, personal, and practical.

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While others were forced into digital/remote learning due to the pandemic, we began our Virtual Community School over five years ago as a way to bring middle school homeschooling to the next level. It is designed to combine homeschooling with peer interaction, take pressure off of parents by utilizing live instruction from senior Enki teachers trained and skilled in online instruction methods, and do so in a flexible manner. Our program, detailed here, covers all subject areas: Humanities, Language Arts, Math, Science, and the Arts for grades six, seven, and eight/nine. We utilize video conferencing software and digital textbooks.

My child was really needing the group experience, the independence. She LOVES Enki Virtual Community School!

~Parent in Texas

I have never seen my child so engaged and eager to craft and refine her work.

~Parent in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Is this the program for your child?

Middle Schoolers Need Peer Engagement

For many homeschooling children, the peer needs of this stage in life bring some challenges. From a developmental point of view, this is unavoidable – and good news; the 11 to 15 year old is pushing to find his or her own power, and part of that is a shift of focus to peers. As well, everything within the child is, rightfully, pushing to step away from parents. To meet this need, and yet support the beauty of schooling at home, we offer our peer live-online program. Learn more about the “why’s” and “wherefore’s” of our Global Studies approach to Junior High schooling.

Details Grade by Grade

Find out the details about each grade on the pages linked below.

Grade 6

6th Graders, with their focus on chaos, conflict, and order, will have the opportunity to explore the unfolding of these issues in: the Ancient Middle East; the world of the Inca; and, Ancient Greece and Rome.

written work from our multicultural education program

Grade 7

7th Graders, with their need to see the world with their own eyes and recreate it for themselves, will have the opportunity to explore these issues as seen in: Ancient China; in a true sea survival story; and in the European Renaissance.

written work from our multicultural education program

Grade 8/9 (this is a combined class)

8th and 9th Graders, with their natural struggle to find their own way – largely through revolution – will have the opportunity to explore the struggle for justice through: revolution in South Africa (Mandela), Resistance in WWII (Jacques Lusseyran); and on revolution in Russia (Breshkovsky and Sakharov).

written work from our multicultural education program

How Does Enki Virtual School Work?

Find out the nitty gritty details of how our program works, including how a typically class goes, what is the weekly time commitment for students, what materials are resources are required for each student, and more, on our “How Our Program Works” page.

Dates, Times, and Tuition

Annual Tuition 2024/25

Humanities: $2800
Math: (virtual) +$1200
Math: (homeschool) +$800


Fall: September to December
Winter: January to February
Spring: March to June

Days and Times 2024/25

Humanities classes meet:

Grade 6 and 7 -  Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 8:00am to 10:30am PACIFIC TIME

Grade 8/9 - Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 9:00am to 11:30am PACIFIC TIME

Enhanced Study  classes (Math-Science, and Grammar) meet:

Grade 6 - Monday and Thursday, 12:30 to 2:00 PACIFIC Time;

Grade 7, meet Tuesday and Friday, 11:30am to 1:00pm PACIFIC TIME

We do not yet offer Enhanced Studies for Grade 8/9.

Click here for more detailed dates and tuition information. 

Is this the program for your child?

* For your homeschool credit, Enki will provide you with a Course Description, Verification of Completion (assuming regular attendance and completion of work), and an evaluation. To date, once submitted, these have always been accepted for credit by every state and province where application has made, both in the U.S and across Canada. Some states will also ask that you submit a portfolio – for this, you simply photograph the student’s good book – made in class – and send that in digitally. Historically, these have not only been accepted, but are routinely greeted with much enthusiasm!

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