Parent and Student Testimonials

From the Parents:

Our son has loved the online classes, and they are a great complement to our homeschooling.  I was a bit wary of the format, since our family is not super keen on screen time for kids, but our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The classes themselves are interactive and have been far more engaging than I thought would possible.  Each class has an art component, and even a movement one, incorporating cultural dances and aerobic engagement that, yes causes many giggles, but all participate!

Throughout, Michael has connected with these stories in a meaningful and brought the characters experiences into our home.  During project time, he has been able to work with other classmates collaboratively and creatively in such as way that I feel it is an example that we adults could learn from!  It has been a wonderful experience all around!

Parent in New Brunswick, Canada

This cyber school has been a wonderful experience for Phaedra. She was really needing the independence and the experience of working in a group of kids her age. She LOVES it!

We love the group projects and the way Beth puts the student’s individual work together in a really beautiful way. The way math, science and grammar are all woven together around a core subject makes the learning so much more tangible than traditional schooling. We are so thankful that we are on this journey and hope we can continue in the years to come.

Shamaar, Texas

The Enki cyber school is the only LIVE online class available for my daughter, and it has been a great fit.  This is a valuable format as the students feel part of a living classroom while able to access it from their individual locations. The students develop relationships with their teacher and each other!

Enki Education has long been a core part of our family life; with this peer program we find our daughter going further still, deepening learning through story, peer discussions, and writer’s workshop. The culminating projects are amazing—definitely worth checking out on the Enki site—and they offer the students even more peer interaction, with planning and executing done in teams, perfect for this age and stage of adolescence. Thank you Enki!

Parent in Colorado

These Enki classes don’t just touch the surface; they give students a chance to dig deep and immerse themselves in the culture they are studying through their reading, art, music, and movement.  As a biracial family, it has always been of utmost importance for our children to learn to have an appreciation for all cultures, and Enki’s multicultural focus helps students develop not only appreciation, but real compassion for the global community.

What my son enjoyed most about the classes is that topics are taught in story form, with hands on art projects to bring it all to life. The interactions and resulting relationships that he has built with his classmates and teacher are wonderful.  He felt that the feedback he received from his peers and teacher in the writer’s workshop helped him significantly with his writing skills.

Our only regret is that we didn’t find out about Enki’s cyber classes sooner!

Parent in California

From the Students:

I expected an impersonal experience, a teacher lecturing and students glancing uncomfortably around. That was not what I received. Instead I found a warm and welcoming environment, where the other children and myself where allowed to talk and joke about the things important to us, with the teacher there to guide conversations and, when necessary, focus us on the content. After the first day, people began showing up early for the sole purpose of talking before class.

For me, the Enki Virtual school was a perfect transition in a social sense. It got me out of my shell and provided me a way to spend time with other kids in a “classroom” setting while still within the familiar environment of Enki’s curriculum and teachers. It gave me my best friend, and now looking back, I also see how graceful it made my transition to high school and how much it gave me socially.

Rebecca in Colorado 

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