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Homeschooling is doable. Our secular, culturally-diverse program has been developed and tested over decades.

The Enki approach, known as Developmental-Immersion Mastery, is based on this fundamental premise: The integration of body, heart and mind is key to cultivating educational excellence, confidence, and competence.

Academics are taught using a three-fold process.

  1. Story: Children are introduced to concepts through carefully-crafted and culturally-diverse stories that engage children deeply, in a way they love.
  2. Arts and Play: children engage in arts, games, and crafts to explore the concepts of the story.
  3. Full Mastery: Integration of skills and concepts through discussion, exploration, and practice.

In this way, we nurture the whole child, weaving together a coherent program that works with the things children love. Through written materials and guidance calls,  parents are guided to be able to readily teach in such a way as to bring about deep learning and growth. The resulting strong and broad foundation enables the students to meet the world head-on, in a compassionate, flexible, and creative manner.

The Homeschool Program

Enki Homeschool Program

We are excited to announce the release of the new Enki Homeschool Program. The online structure allows for more flexibility, portability, and sustainability – a win all round.

To make this possible, we now work with the Redshelf digital book system and Streamable CD’s and DVD’s. This format opens many doors for easier organization and cross-referencing of the materials. Have a look at our Enki RedShelf video to see a guided exploration of possibilities.

What you will have at your finger tips!

  • You will receive digital access to all the written materials for the school year (via Redshelf). This includes philosophical guidance, practical guidance, and culturally diverse materials for use with the children (stories, movement activities, arts and crafts, games, worksheets, and so on), covering all subject ares: Humanities, Language Arts, Math, Science, Movement, Art, and Music.
  • Generally, the children’s needs will be met by the typical school year offerings. But now and then a child needs additional support or is ready to move on mid-year. One of the beauties of the digital system is that your tuition for the year covers access to materials to support these situations as well – i.e. the year’s tuition is meant to cover your child’s needs to the best of our ability and that does not need to fall solely into the grade you have subscribed to. To make use of this opportunity if you feel your child needs it, set up a consultation with an Enki core Faculty member to explore next steps.
  • You will also receive access to a membership area of our website that has all the streamable audio and video support, instruction and demonstrations, for the year.
  • You will find printable downloads there as well. For the parent, these include the Starting Up Booklet and the Teacher’s Workbook. For the children in Grades 1 – 5, these include practice worksheets, “make your own story book” sheets, and some printable game boards.
  • Over the course of the year, you are given access to a series of 6 prerecorded group guidance videos. Each of these is paired with the all important, 6 live Q&A sessions. These are held throughout the school year and you can catch up on any you miss via the zoom recording.

As part of our “support the person teaching” program, designed by longtime Enki homeschoolers, you will receive the materials in stages, when they will best serve you.

 Here’s what you need to know.

  • Homeschooling takes fewer total hours, and many fewer direct-instruction hours, than classroom learning. Some families will spend a couple of hours, three days a week on focused work (including reading stories!), others will spend a typical 6 hour day, five days a week on focused work – and anything in between! Some will take typical school holidays, others monthly breaks – or both! There is no right or wrong, or better or worse as to how you schedule your focused learning time; all that matters is that, along with supporting and enriching your child,  your choice supports your family as a whole – including you!
  • In Enki, we do a lot of work through reading stories, guiding art and movement, and playing games (all teaching materials included in any Grade Level packages). Much of this can be readily woven into normal home life and will require only the materials you receive from us and materials you can find around you (e.g. logs and acorns). Some individual art and math-discovery supplies will need to be purchased from a separate vendor. There are also suggestions for movement equipment for those needing extra sensory support. A list will be provided in the membership area.

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