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NOW AVAILABLE: New Enki Kindergarten Program!

For the Kindergartener, both now and for his life long learning and well-being, nothing is more important than being able to be deeply absorbed in his work and play. This is how he establishes “attention skills” and the ability to work through frustration – and, of most importance – it is how he learns to be fully present. The early childhood years are where this process is established as true north on his compass and set for life.

Therefore, all our stories and activities, and the rhythms of the day, focus on helping the child strengthen her natural gift for deep absorption. Both the content of the materials and the guidance offered are focused on this. Each content area book begins with an explanation of how the particular materials and activities in that area can be used for this all important undertaking.

The Enki program is very thorough and is designed to support the adult in bringing an enriched-global curriculum to the neuro-typical child. Because we work in harmony with child development and because movement is part of every day for every child, many neuro-diverse children benefit greatly from the program as is.

However,  If your child is tackling a significant special need, you may need to have program contents adjusted or expanded and we encourage you to explore our approach before signing up. The first step is to read the website section on our approach to meeting special needs. If that is in harmony with how you want to support your child, then contact the office to make a pre-purchase appointment to discuss how the Enki program can be adapted to best support your child and family, and what additional support you might need to get.

Starting into a new approach to learning and living can be overwhelming. Therefore, as part of our “support the person teaching” outlook – and based on feedback from parents and teachers over our 30 years – you will receive the materials in stages, beginning with:

Stage 1: Jumping In

Content available on our membership site
  • Overview video: The Enki Approach: Developmental Immersion Mastery
  • Foundation Guides, Book 1 (via Redshelf – see how it works here)
  • Kindergarten Starting Up Booklet (printable pdf)
  • Kindergarten Road Map to Enki videos
  • First group guidance video

Stage 2: Full Digital Release

Two weeks after you receive the Stage 1 materials, or immediately after the first LIVE Zoom Q and A(whichever comes first), you will receive the remainder of the package you will get digital access to the complete and extensive collection of Enki guides and curricular materials via Redshelf; demonstration videos for teaching the arts and for teaching academics through the arts; and the song recordings, for that grade. You will also get instruction for working with the RedShelf, digital materials program so that it can give you the maximum support.

Digital Content released (via Membership Site)
  • Streaming access to a complete collection of Enki Kindergarten Songs (67 songs)
  • Video demonstrations of movement work and finger plays
  • Video demonstration on sparking creative play
Digital Book released (via Redshelf)

(More information on each book can be found below)

Enki Homeschool Teaching Guides

This book offers an in-depth look at the Enki philosophy and how that unfolds in the daily life of the homeschool. The Early Childhood Guide takes the underlying philosophy and applies it in detail to homeschooling children under six years old, specifically to the rhythms, environment, and activities of each day.

Books I & II Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
In Enki we have identified nine core threads… (pdf)
Integrating it all(pdf)
Kindergarten Stories (pdf)
First Grade Readiness (pdf)

Enki Learning Through Movement: Seasons and Skills—Kindergarten

This collection of over 100 movement activities which include both sheet music and movement instructions is designed to support both adult and child as they explore nourishing, meaningful, and fun activity. It includes many ways to experience and celebrate the seasons, deepening understanding of the world around them. All of this happens in the context of nourishing and integrating the senses so the child’s neurological integration can support his learning and wellbeing. Companion audio (67 songs) and video (30 minutes of demonstrations) is available for streaming on our membership site.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Full Contents Lists (pdf)
Introduction: Movement in Kindergarten Life (pdf)
Audio Track: Colored Leaves (mp3)
Audio Track: The Coo Coo (mp3)

Cover of Enki Kindergarten Story Book
Enki Kindergarten Story Book: Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Nature Stories

The young child simultaneously needs to exert his independence, and to know that the world is a safe and stable place. To support both needs, more than 50 Folk and Fairy stories from around the world have been chosen and adapted to take the child out on a journey of challenge and then return him to his stable “home base.” In this way, the children come to experience themselves and their adventures – easy or difficult – as part of the human journey we all share.
Our Nature Stories are original creations, written to bring the child into the experience of nature as it “grows” out on a journey of challenge and then cycles back to start a new round of growth (nature’s version of “home base”). These form the base of our science program in the primary years.

In keeping with the lively way young children perceive nature, the Enki Nature Stories collection includes many stories that have been written specifically to bring scientific phenomena to life. Whether telling of the water cycle as Old Mother Raincloud sends her children forth as rain and calls them home as mist, or of the Crystal Queen who changes the seasons and leaves her icicles treasures behind, we work with everyday phenomenon to spark the child’s own powers of both observation and appreciation.

Strengthening this “living sense” of scientific phenomena in the early years, creates a strong foundation for later intellectual exploration. In this way, from the earliest years the scientific processes, facts and formulae, are experienced within the living ecosystem of which they are a part.To strengthen the experience of the cyclic processes of nature, we encourage teachers to chose some core seasonal stories and repeat them yearly; therefore, this Kindergarten collection is also used – and added to – in Grades One and Two.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
The Persimmon Monster (pdf)
Sugaring Time! (pdf)

Enki Kindergarten Seasonal Crafts

The collection of Seasonal Crafts includes over 60 craft projects that use primarily natural materials to deepen the child’s appreciation and experience of nature. While this is our number one goal, at the same time he is refining his fine motor coordination. Handwork skill directions include stories to introduce the techniques for finger crocheting and finger knitting in an imaginative manner. Simple finger knitting projects are included. Painting instructions and stories also included.

Sample Pages:
Table of Contents (pdf)
Ribbon Rings (pdf)

Stage 3: Ongoing Support

Throughout the school year, there is a series of six recorded group guidance videos. The first of these you will receive upon purchase of the program. To support your homeschooling journey the other five are released every other month, beginning in September.

Two weeks after the group guidance video is made available, there will be a live Q & A session to answer questions about the information presented in the guidance video and to help you apply the principles while adapting actual rhythms and materials to your particular needs and opportunities. Prior to this, there will be a window to submit questions you would like answered. This live session will be recorded and made available afterwards.

If you start later in the year, you will be part of the “January Cohort.” You will still begin with the first Guidance call and a recording of the live Q and A when you register. In January, there also will be a live Q and A for the January cohort; after that you will have access to any other recorded calls that you missed, AND you will join the September cohort for the rest of the calls through the end of the school year, You will also have access to all Q and A sessions for the remainder of your membership.

Digital Content released (via Membership Site)
  • Five additional group guidance videos, released throughout the year.
  • Six live Q&A sessions recordings
Live Support
  • Six live Q&A sessions timed with the release of the guidance videos.

Enroll now!

Kindergarten Homeschool Program
All stories, activities, and written guidance you need for that year
Access to audio/visual materials with all songs and demonstrations of teaching techniques
Six recorded, hour and a half guidance calls
Six hour and a half, live, group Q and A with senior Enki faculty

Base Commitment:

Enki was developed because of our commitment to social justice, including seeing that all who want Enki, are able to have it. To that end, we operate on a sliding scale basis, starting at the top market tuition and offering needs-based reductions from there. Click here to apply.

As well, Enki is committed to contributing to the cause of human and environmental justice. Historically we have donated a portion of profits to diverse nonprofits committed to these causes. However, at this time we are joining efforts to dismantle systemic racism and so, we will donate a total of $50 from each subscription sold to a combination of Color of Change and Indigenous American Justice groups.

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