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  • Rousing Intuition Workshop

  • Ecosystems of Education
  • Foundation Course
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1) Please describe the particular events in your life that sparked your interest in children, education and this program.

2) In order to better serve adult learners, this program involves a significant amount of independent study and preparation. From the very beginning this independent work will, at times, provide core content material for our studies together. You, and all of your classmates, will be a part of the teaching as well as the learning. As is the case in our classrooms, our learning is a community endeavor and success depends on all members. What previous experience have you had in working with independent studies? What challenges have you encountered meeting deadlines? How do you feel about participating in this kind of strongly inter-dependent work environment?

3) This program focuses on awakening and educating a full array of human capacities. For this reason, the intensives are designed to be very demanding and intense, stretching us all to open further. Except in case of illness or emergency, from the first day to the last, all students participate fully in the daily 8 hours of classes, meditation practice, and community chores. If a student does not do so he or she may be asked to leave. Please describe the obstacles you might encounter in this kind of intensive program. How might we assist you in working through them?

4) In addition, most of us have cultivated, and now depend on, one or another of these capacities (body, heart, and mind) to the exclusion of others. As participants “lean in” to new experiences, sleeping capacities are re-activated, often arousing fear, obstacles and resistance in the process. Please read the Leap Before You Look course description (Foundation Course), and answer the following questions in relation to this. What particular capacities or areas do you foresee-having difficulty with? How might we help you work with these challenges? How do you react to and work with general obstacles in your life? If possible, please give an example from your experience.

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