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Community: Connection vs Collection

a live, online video class
Next 4-week session is June 4th to June 25th, 2023


We are happy to announce a new, 4-week, Adult Program introducing Enki Education – Community: Connection vs Collection.

What makes any undertaking or relationship feel nourishing – the happy and sad alike? Connection. Whether to your chosen art or your puppy, whether looking into the twinkling eyes of an infant or the soft ones of someone slipping away, it is the connection that makes all the difference to our experience. In this class we explore the nature of our own experience of connection and on that base, look at how we can make connection the keel of all our work with the children, at home or in the classroom. 

In this course will go into real depth on this one thread of the Enki Web (one of the nine threads explored in Ecosystems course). Here we will explore what happens when education and child rearing are focused on connection and not collection of information or skills.

We are excited to take the time to go into depth on the Community: connect vs collect web thread – like all the others threads, it is fully central to all that makes Enki, Enki.

The course will run Sunday mornings 11:30 to 2 PACIFIC, June 4th, through June 25th. Cost: $250 U.S


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