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  • The opening programs of the Teacher Training, Rousing Intuition and Ecosystems of Education, are stand-alone courses. These are open to the public and can be taken as a single workshops.

    Rousing Intuition, is a three-day IN-PERSON workshop. Click here for current schedules and descriptions.

    Ecosystems of Education, is a 15 session, weekly, live-online program. This is also open to the public, however, attendance at or make up of each class is mandatory for continuing. Click here for current schedules and descriptions.

    All other classes and workshops described at this web site are part of either the Foundation Course or the Professional Course. These are open only to those enrolled in the program. Each section of the program is offered as a whole and must be taken in sequence.

    If you are interested in either the Rousing Intuition workshop, Ecosystems of Education, the Teacher Training Program, please review the program descriptions, course prerequisites, and Certificate requirements.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to call (602) 496-3472 or email us at bas@enkieducation.org.



    The full program is spread over a 36-month period, as described below.

    Independent requisites: over the course of the full program, students are required to undertake 3 outside courses. These can be taken at any time up to the start of the Professional Course. They are:

    1) Rhythmic Movement Training/reflex integration (available in person over two weekends, or online);

    2) Brain Gym 101a weekend course that must be done in person and is available all over the world.

    These first two programs work with clearning the way for neurological integration for ourselves and others – without this, we cannot embody the work or express or receive fully. This direct work with freeing the nervous system is core to all other parts of Enki.

    3) Mindfulness Meditation Intensive program of two weekends or one week long. This can be done in a variety of programs: Stress Based Mindfulness; Shambhala Training; Adyashanti retreats, and many others, but choices must be preapproved by Enki faculty.

    A Mindfulness Meditaiton Intensive is key to actually living into and modeling our core premise: that within each of us, there is an inner vitailty, an unconditional brilliance and compassion that is not earned and cannot be destroyed. Unless we take the time to establish a base in this as actual experience in ourselves, we cannot model it for the children or fully percieve it in them, no matter what form it may show up in. Then we are left back in the paradigm of climbing over one another to prove our worth.

    Often people will access this unconditional inner vitality when they meet a life threatening or identity-shaking situation (their own or that of someone close) – then all the clutter falls away, all the big plans and great accomplishments are irrelevant, and they just feel the deep pulse of life inside, and the gratitude that goes with that experience. But our goal is to be anchored in that sense within the ordinary. Mediation is a path to glimpsing that experience and sets our inner compasses to recognize and cultivate it. Without that compass setting, there is no Enki.


    FOUNDATION COURSE LEVEL I, prerequiste: Ecosystems of Education

    1) (Summer) Embodiment and Invocation8 days in person, an active and experiential overview of the Enki program K-8, focusing on embodiment and invocation, including work with neurosensory development, speech and storytelling.

    2) (Autumn) Storytelling and Neurosensory Embodiment (Nursery and Kindergarten): Live-online/real time cyber classes, twice monthly for 3 hours each, exploring the young child’s world through the lens of neuro-sensory integration via movement, rhythm, and story.  

    3) Process Calls: a mid month meeting 1.5 hrs throughout this period this is a chance to focus on the students’ experience of exploring Enki and how it is impacting their lives; attendance is a requirement.


    FOUNDATION COURSE LEVEL II, prerequisite: Foundation Level I and Rousing Intuition

    1) (Winter) The Primary Grades (1 and 2) Live-online/real time cyber classes, meet twice a month over 4 months Feb – May, for 3 hours each. During this time, we explore growth and development and how we nurture these in all academic, artistic, and social areas, in the early grades.

    2) (Summer) Triggers and Monsters: working with children, parents, ourselves and each other. In person for 7 days. Through a variety of active exercises and deep movement work, we explore the patterned reactions that prevent us from recognizing and acting on our deepest wisdom. On this ground, we uncover ways to open that reactive pattern and birth compassionate responses.

    This course also includes two, 3 hr follow up classes online, once the Triggers work is truly begun.

    3) (Fall) ChildSpeak Four, Live-online/real time cyber classes, 3 hour meetings, plus a lot of partner work. This focuses on learning to write embodied stories, through discovery of where that embodiment is blocked for for each student, and practices to open this world.

    4) (Oct – May) Grades 3-8, Twenty Live-online/real time cyber classes, 3 hours eachAgain, we explore the upper grades through the lens of embodiment and invocation. This time we explore growth and development and how we nurture these in all content areas, in the upper grades.

    5) Process Calls: a mid month meeting 1.5 hrs throughout this period this is a chance to focus on the students’ experience of exploring Enki and how it is impacting their lives; attendance is a requirement.