“It is expertise in the ART of teaching that constitutes an expert teacher. Real teaching does not lie in telling others what we already know. The art of teaching lies in the willingness and ability to follow another’s mind down the twisty roads of learning and then set free an understanding enriched by the journey.”

– Beth Sutton




Beth Sutton, M.Ed., is the core devloper and director of Enki Education, Inc. As well, Beth is the core teacher for the Enki Teacher Training Program. She is certified in several states and is also Waldorf Certified. She has been a teacher and director of schools and camps over the last 50 years, and is experienced in Traditional, Experimental, Integrated Day, and Waldorf approaches. She is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of six.

Amy Wallace, MS, CNM, is the Associate Program Director for Enki Education. Amy has been a guiding force in Enki for the last 13 years. Drawing from her experience with Enki homeschooling as well as her midwifery career, she has helped to grow and steer the program in all areas.

Amy has been homeschooling her two children with the Enki approach for the past 13 years. In 2010, she began leading a multi-aged, homeschool enrichment program, as well. Over the years, she has done in-depth study, both in groups and in private classes, with Beth. In 2007 she was asked to join in supporting Enki families in an official post. This began as work with online groups and parent consultations and grew into work with curriculum and program development. In 2013 Amy became the Associate Program Director of Enki Education, and as such is engaged in all program creation, guidance, and decision making. We are very fortunate to have her particular experience and perspective guiding Enki.

Perekin Hubner, M. Ed.and has included the Enki Teacher Training in her Masters Program at Lesley University in Massachussetts. She has been teaching at Applesong School, an Enki program in Lyons Colorado for 6 years. Perekin had taught as a class teacher, a remedial/special education teacher, and a reading specialist, in elementary and preschools for ten years prior to taking up Enki. She is the mother of 3.

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