“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
       – Marcel Proust



Our Teacher Training program, began in 1993 and has grown in new and exciting ways over the years. We have had paritcipants and receive inquiries from across the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and India. As a result, we have structured all aspects of the program to serve our “students at a distance,” while maintaining the integrity of this work.

At this time we have restructured our courses to make them more accessible to more people. Many are done online, and others are held in one week intensives, on location where a group is undertaking the training.

We have been successful in working with universities to enable students enrolled in their programs to apply to receive college credit for Enki courses, and/or include the Enki program as a central component of their Masters and certification programs. If this is of interest to you, please contact us directly to initiate the process with your college.

The opening programs of the Teacher Training, Rousing Intuition and Ecosystems of Education, are stand-alone courses. These are open to the public and can be taken as a single workshops.

Rousing Intuition, is a three-day IN-PERSON workshop. Click here for current schedules and descriptions.

Ecosystems of Education, is a 15 session, weekly, live-online program. This is also open to the public, however, attendance at or make up of each class is mandatory for continuing. Click here for current schedules and descriptions.

All other classes and workshops described at this web site are part of either the Foundation Course or the Professional Course. These are open only to those enrolled in the program. Each section of the program is offered as a whole and must be taken in sequence.

If you are interested in either the Rousing Intuition workshop, Ecosystems of Education, the Teacher Training Program, please review the program descriptions, course prerequisites, and Certificate requirements.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call (602) 496-3472 or email us at bas@enkieducation.org.



The full program is spread over a 36-month period, as described below:

FOUNDATION COURSE LEVEL I, prerequiste: Ecosystems of Education

1) Embodiment and Invocation (Summer – inperson)

2) Storytelling and Neurosensory Embodiment in the Nursery and
Kindergarten (Autumn – live-online)

3) Process Calls (live-online): a mid month meeting


FOUNDATION COURSE LEVEL II, prerequisite: Foundation Level I and Rousing Intuition

1) Arts the Ears of Childhood: the Primary Grades (1 and 2) (Winter – live-online)

2)Triggers and Monsters: working with children, parents, ourselves and each other (Summer – inperson)

3) ChildSpeak (Fall – live-online)

4) Arts the Ears of Childhood: the Upper Grades 3-8 (Oct – May – live-online)

5) Process Calls (live-online): a mid month meeting


PROFESSIONAL COURSE LEVEL I, prerequiste: all Foundation Level Courses:

1) Summer Arts Intensive  (Summer – inperson)

2) Making it Your Own/Curriculum Development (Fall  – May – live-online)

3) The Runway (Summer – inperson)

4) Square One (Fall – live-online)

5) Process Calls (live-online): a mid month meeting


PROFESSIONAL COURSE LEVEL II  – prerequiste: all preceding Foundation and Professional Courses.

12) Internship – inperson



Those successfully completing the program will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be qualified to teach in independent schools using the Enki approach. For programs within the public school system, local certification may or may not be required as well.

In some cases the Enki program will meet part of the local requirements for initial and recertification. For assistance with certification or college credit, please contact the appropriate program directors PRIOR to beginning the course to make the necessary preliminary arrangements.