August 2nd through 4th, 2024

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                     , understand that this program is taking place in New Brunswick Canada, and for those at a prohibitive distance, online via zoom. It is an intensive that depends on participants attending the ENTIRE program – no single part exists on its own. Whether wishing to attend on zoom or in person, submitting this application is a commitment to the whole group, to be present for the entire program. Before applying, please make sure you can attend from Friday August 2nd at 8:50 am, through Sunday August 4th at 4:30 pm. Each day will include a 2 hour lunch break. 

Those with young children will have those 2 hours to reconnect as needed, but we ask that you prepare childcare for the actual sessions. 





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1) This program focuses on clearing the cobwebs from our ability to hear our own wisdom. It is only possible to do this when we are willing to explore the habits that block us and uncover our natural gifts. For this reason, this intensive is designed to be very demanding and intense, stretching us all to open further. Therefore, except in case of illness or emergency, from the first day to the last, all students participate fully in the daily 6 to 8 hours of classes and meditation practice, and to work with the instructors if you feel lost or triggered at any point. Please describe the obstacles you might encounter in this kind of intensive program. How might we assist you in working through them?

2) As participants “lean in” to new experiences, sleeping capacities are re-activated, often arousing fear, obstacles and resistance in the process. We will ba asking you to  Leap Before You Look and see what you discover – you are welcome to love it or hate it, but we ask that you first experience it. Considering this, are there particular areas you foresee-having difficulty with (arts, movement, discussion, guided meditation sharing in community)? If so, how might we help you work with these challenges? How do you react to and work with general obstacles in your life? If possible, please give an example from your experience.

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