Rousing Intuition

Rousing Intuition

An in-person or LIVE-ONLINE class
Each day runs 9:50 – 1:00 and 3:00 – 6:00 ATLANTIC Time
5:50 to 9:00 and 11:00 to 2:00 PACIFIC Time

What guides us through the difficult moments of teaching? Of parenting? Of working in collaboration or managing a team? At any given moment there are multiple logical reasons to choose any one of the paths before us – how do we choose? We may believe logical decisions rule the day, but truly, anything can be argued logically. In fact, our rational minds often distract us from our own inner knowing. That which is intuitively known does not always fit in the logic box, how can we know which is which?

Intuition rumbles out its clear message of “Yes. This is the way to go,” or “No way, back off! Now!” It may even tell us we are not yet clear, not hearing or seeing into the heart of it all. Whether we hear it or not, it is always at work guiding us to trust our deeper perception, insight, and inspiration?

No approach to teaching, however brilliant or effective, will ever be more important than the individual adult’s ability to hear and act upon her own intuition.

Ultimately – however logical we think we are being – our intuition works to steer us. Something is busily rumbling beneath the surface of both our emotions and our logical proofs. That something, we believe, is our intuition.

The sense of danger must not disappear:
The way is certainly both short and steep,
However gradual it looks from here;
Look if you like but you will have to leap.

– W.H. Auden

Why Intuition?

It is intuition that must guide the adult’s moment to moment work, so that our teaching is a creative and genuine response to each situation and each person, and yet maintains the coherence of the whole.

Without intuition any and all approaches, however brilliant and creative become dogma – including Enki!


Join us for full three-day weekend of clay modeling, music and dance, architectural installations, meditations, laughter, and provocative discussion, all geared to helping us clear away the cobwebs of habit and open new ears to our own intuition.

The Process: What will we be doing?

Working actively with Sensory Learning Styles (Enki Education), Direct Picture Building (Goethe), the Buddha Families (Tibetan Buddhism), and with both Traditional Mindfulness Meditation, and the Enki S.A.G.E practice, we will explore new perspectives and possibilities. Through this we will tease apart the expectations and assumptions that shrink our perceptions and block our access to our inherent intuition, and open new roads to finding that clear guiding voice.

This weekend provides techniques you can take home to make this an ongoing practice you can apply in any situation – from the child who can’t seem to learn, to the coworker who seems to be deaf, to the undertaking that defies our plans, and, of course, to those moments when I don’t want to or “I can’t” seems to swallow us whole.

Dates: TBA
Location: TBA

Join Enki Core Faculty Tegan Wong-Daugherty and Perekin Hubner in New Brunswick, on Tegan’s farm collective – and see the Enki school there!

Tuition: $450.00 U.S. per person; sliding scale reductions are available.