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Navigating the Enki Kindergarten Materials


Welcome again, we are excited to have you begin this journey. To support you in that endeavor, and based on the feedback of many, many parents and teachers, we have designed a structured support approach in which you will receive materials and guidance in stages. Below is a list of how things will come and how one might approach them

Stage One is an orientation to begin your journey with Enki.  Please watch the videos and read through Book One of the Enki Foundation Guide.  You will receive a RedShelf code to redeem your e-Book.  We’ve created an Enki RedShelf Guidance video as a quick tutorial to using this platform effectively.

Stage 1 materials found here:
  • The Enki Approach video

  • A recording of the first recorded Guidance Call and the follow up Q and A

  • You are invited to the next scheduled Introduction Live Q & A Session (refer to the dates listed to the right and pick one that allows you to watch both videos prior)
  • Invitation to the online community
  • The link to the Enki RedShelf guidance video
Stage 1 via email:
  1. Enki Foundation Guides Books I –  Redshelf code sent to your email.
  2. Enki Foundation Guides Books II and III (Redshelf codes)
  3. Teacher’s Workbook (printable pdf)
Moving On from here

Give yourself the time to delve into this overview before moving onto Stage Two (the deeper philosophy and pedagogy + start up materials for setting up your first weeks of schooling)

Finally, Stage Three will bring access to all the resource materials to teach all subject areas. It is our hope that by the time you get the hundreds of stories and activities included in the Resource Libraries, you will have a firm footing in the underlying whys and wherefores of Enki, and, therefore, an ability to adapt materials and plans to best serve your particular situation.

Invitation to your first Q  and A session:

Dates for Introductory Q and A zoom calls:  All calls are at 9:00 am PACIFIC 

    • Sunday, April 30
    • Sunday, July 2
    • Saturday, August 19

The Q and A call runs between 1 to 1.5 hours. You will have watched the Enki Approach video and Kindergarten Guidance Video: Getting Started prior to attending the Q&A.  

The Enki Approach