“All the great teachers of the past have drawn their action from non-action. From Christ upon the high mountain, to Lo Tung over his tea, down to us. And I can never see that those names are too big to be used side by side with today. The intention is the same – teaching”.
        – Sylvia Ashton-Warner



At this time in history, urgently, we need to shift the paradigm in which we live. From the ground up – literally and figuratively – we must shift if we are to survive and to flourish. This must begin with education, otherwise we simply put on new clothing and race around the same hamster wheel. And this education has to begin with ourselves. That is the ground and the path of Enki Education.

In the myths of ancient Sumer, Enki is the god of the waters. He flows into every corner and crevice, changing his shape to explore every detail and provide whatever is needed. By his very nature he reflects all he meets – lighting up its natural wisdom and vitality. 

Nothing is too foreboding, small, dark or dirty for Enki. It is said that when Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, hung trapped and lifeless in the underworld, all the gods and goddesses turned from her. Only Enki saw wisdom in her descent into the depths. From the dirt under his fingernails, he fashioned creatures and gave them the power of the waters. Sent into the underworld, they set Inanna free and returned her to life. 

Like Enki, the teacher is challenged to continually perceive, nurture, and celebrate the brilliance and possibility in all her students and in all she teaches. Her challenge is to meet everything fully, whatever it may be. 

The first thing we meet each and every day, moment to moment, is ourselves. As we enter the classroom we stand before the children as more than facilitator or director or instructor. We stand before the children as a examples of human potential, human decency, and human striving. Our example will impact the children more deeply and more permanently than any of the skills, information or experiences we provide. So it is here we begin, and here we hope to end, standing honestly with ourselves.

” When I began this program I thought I could play the recorder. I thought I could sing. I thought I could speak and walk. Here I’ve learned lessons through my body that I never thought I could know. This is not a surface program about how to be a teacher or a parent. It’s about how to be.” – Kristine, student 1995


Our goal is to help each participant meet new parts of himself, bring his own wisdom and confusion to light and discover a way to work with children that expresses his personal vision and passion for life. The Teacher Training Program works intensively with the Enki curriculum and methodology and is required for those wishing to teach in Enki schools. However, whether a participant goes on to teach at all, or pursues Enki, Montessori, Integrated Day, Self-Design, Traditional, Waldorf or any other form of education is not important. What is important is that each participant find a deep personal connection to the approach heor she chooses.

In the course of the Enki Teacher Training Program participants will come to see how details of the physical environment, the curriculum, and the methods always express a particular perspective – whether we intend them to or not. Participants will learn how to choose curriculum content, balance particular activities, and set up classrooms and outdoor environments that express their personal vision in a harmonious, coherent learning environment.

We begin on this process in the Ecosystems of Education course, and take that learning ever deeper in the courses that follow.